About Us

Opened for business: December 1, 2012 -  and still going!! Yeah!!

Owners of this venture: Dave and Jamie Cunningham
I'm the main cook! Dave is my inspiror, motivator, head tastor!! 
I have enjoyed cooking for quite a while now, and have learned how to do a lot of my cooking from my family. Then I started going to classes, and i just never stopped going to the classes! I used to love to bake, but you can't just eat sweets - right?! So, I just wanted to learn more ways to cook - cook foods that could apply to our every day lives.  So, I started adding breads, soups, vegetables, and  cookies - foods that were healthy to grab and eat, not just empty calories...
In 2007, Dave and I had to watch the foods we were eating, less carbs more protein, less sugars and thru that, we became more educated about what we were eating and putting in our bodies. So many foods at the grocery store are full of sugars, soy... and so many items that say they are natural - you find out that they aren't!  So, I started making everything from scratch. And once you start doing that, you don't want any foods that have been processed, or 'fake' in some kind of way!  Well, I just can't learn enough about what to add next!
I really enjoy doing this and love being able to offer our foods to you so that you can try it and see how much better you feel when you add healthy foods into your every day diet. Because my breads are all the wheat berry, smaller amounts are all that is needed to consume. So many people comment on how they only need one piece of bread for toast, and that it fills them up for hours. I get comments on how my tortillas are so fresh and filling that their kids only eat 1/2 a tortilla and are full! 
A lot of people are interested in gluten free foods or paleo type foods... I'm slowly adding more of these items to my menu. I try to be aware of those who have peanut allergies, so I do my best to make sure I don't cross contaminate my utensils and equipment. 
If you have something you want me to add or look into, just let me know! I am constantly learning more about foods, their nutritional value, how to prepare it. That's how I grow! For example, two years ago I never baked with coconut oil!!
Starting this Cottage business has been a huge learning experience. We've always wanted to do something like this, and now we are putting it into action! There are definitely days when I question my ability to do this! But, when I see that people are enjoying it, and willing to give me a try and keep coming back - it makes me happy and hopeful!
Thank you for looking into our foods and I hope you give us a try. It's food we give our family and I know yours will like it too!
Jamie and Dave