Large Orders

I can bring anything I make to your office or event.  When you contact me, we can work out the details to your specific order.  I have been able to deliver to events at church functions, business meetings stuck in the office, bridge groups!  Let me know what ya need!

Texas Sheet Cake: $30 - 16" x 12" cake, total chocolate! A super moist cake, topped with a rich chocolate frosting-  no fork needed!  Comes pre-sliced on a platter. I can cut 32 nice size pieces or you can have up to 48 small pieces.

Sampler Platter:  $45, 20 pieces of 4 different cookies, placed on a nice platter.  Choose 4 types: sugar cookie, almond biscotti, Lemon Bars, Dipped Pretzels, Texas sheet cake bites, chocolate chip, pumpkin/chocolate chip/agave nectar 
(Decorations ribbons with fluffy clear wrap added to platter, additional $5)

Cookies:  We can do your special order of cookies, have them sealed individually and ready for you. I do need about 3 days notice!