Healthy, Made-from-Scratch Foods!

Everything  is made from scratch with the highest quality ingredients. No corn syrups, no strange preservatives added. All my ingredients used are as pure as possible.  You place an order and I get it to you - it's that simple!

freshly mill (or grind) all the wheat flour in all my products. Using whole wheat means the food is naturally high in fiber and nutrients - quite the opposite of enriched flours that are stripped then added back in. My wheat is from Montana, and grown in a non-gmo field. I also use the Better Body Foods brand organic agave nectar in all my breads- this has a low GI number, so it won’t spike your blood sugar. I use high quality ingredients: organic oils, cage free eggs, organic cane sugar, pure vanilla, organic produce. You will be amazed at the positive difference it will make to your body - and the taste is delicious!

All items are baked fresh by me - Jamie, and it's prepared in a clean, private, licensed kitchen. You will love the foods and so will your kids!

This is NOT grocery store bread!


The market is back outside and the weather is gorgeous!! 
You can find me in aisle F near the front entrance under the 
Uptown Farmer's Market banner.
New hours: 8am-1pm
Central Ave & Bethany Home Rd

If you ever want anything in particular, just text me by Fri and I'll try to bring your item!



Pumpkin Scones - so yummy!
Seasonal Shaped Sugar Cookies

Stop by my booth at the market and get a yummy sample - just to make sure they taste as yummy as they sound!!

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I'm always looking to add new cafes, contact me if you are interested - 
(I bring free samples!!)

I'll Brighten up your Gifts!

For parties:
I do delicious cupcakes, and special design sugar cookies for birthday parties of all ages!

My dessert platter is a perfect solution for a unique "Thank You" to your clients. It has a variety of treats all on a large, decorative platter.

Have your Company Logo put on a sugar cookie! Pass out to your clients! They will love them!!

Order fun seasonal cookies that come wrapped, sealed & boxed. Your customers enjoy them and feel appreciated!


Jamie is so easy to work with and it was delicious!

We handed out your chocolate chip cookies to our clients - they LOVED them, thank you!

Your dinner rolls were the rave at our dinner table! Love these!!

*This is the second year we have passed out the dessert platters to our clients and they loved them. They were delicious, colorful and unique - thank you".

*It's my competition time for crossfit - need to order almond bites! 

*My family loves your bread - I'm buying loaves for all of them!

*Our volleyball team loves your protein bites - 

* My son only eats your tortillas! The store bought ones have no flavor!

*I eat your chocolate chip/pumpkin agave cookies as a great breakfast item! Fills me up until lunch time.


~Are you on my special customer's 
email list????

Let me know and I'll get you on it! 
The email list let's you know when I have items available immediately, and any other info that ya gotta have!!



Hours: 9a - 1pm
Same corner: Central & Bethany Home

Great Community feel and lots of Incredible vendors. Live music is an amazing touch.

Place orders with me during the week, and you can actually pick it up from me at the market. Then, browse around and shop for other great items. 

Uptown Farmer's Market
(Central & Bethany Home Road)

Remember...  My foods are made from scratch.  I use high quality ingredients and when combined with the fresh ground flours, makes everything burst with flavor.  Start with a simple whole wheat loaf - and soon, you'll be wanting to add healthy cookies to your kids lunches and items for you to snack on... 
It's a good thing!


Refrigerate the bread!! 
My foods have no preservatives, so you have to keep in the fridge or mold will start within 2 days! (Makes you wonder why grocery store bread can sit in cupboard for weeks....)