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Please note: There is a $3-$5 delivery fee for those locations outside of 'my area'!! I'll let you know when you order how much your fee is. 

Only freshly milled flour with all its nutrition is used, along with high quality ingredients.  I use organic oils, organic agave nectar, cage free eggs, organic cane sugar, dark chocolate, pure vanilla, fresh produce
Most of my recipes are flexible - so if you want to add or take out certain things, I can do that - or if you want a different shape loaf - I'll try to do that - I'll accommodate when possible!

Freshly Milled Whole Wheat Breads: $5 / loaf
Freshly milled whole wheat flour, high gluten flour, sea salt, agave nectar, safflower oil, yeast, dough enhancer
 Freshly Milled Whole Wheat  Dinner Rolls: $8 / dozen
Freshly milled whole wheat flour, high gluten flour, powdered milk, potato flour, sea salt, safflower oil, agave nectar, yeast, dough enhancer, eggs

Freshly Milled Whole Wheat Tortillas: $8 / 6 pcs - 8" size
Freshly milled whole wheat flour, safflower oil, water, sea salt
NEW: GF Tortillas - $10/6 pcs
Bob's Red Mill GF flour, safflower oil, water, sea salt

Specialty breads available on order:
Sourdough Green Onion baguette - $7.00
Whole Wheat baguette - $6.00
Hamburger Buns: $6 - 8 buns 

GF Granola: $12 / 12oz bag

GLUTEN FREE Original Granola: GF Oatmeal, sunflower seeds, almonds, sesame seeds, flax seed, pepita seeds, pecans, dried fruit, agave nectar, safflower oil, vanilla, cinnamon, sea salt

GF/No Sugar Added Banana Muffins:  $10/6 muffins
Almond flour, banana, coconut oil, cage free eggs, baking soda, topped w/ raisins 

Scones: $20/8 scones
Blueberry Scones: fresh milled whole wheat, organic blueberries, organic cane sugar, unsalted butter, heavy cream, icing: lemon juice, powdered sugar, unsalted butter
Pumpkin Scone: (seasonal): fresh milled whole wheat flour, brown sugar, organic pumpkin puree & spice, buttermilk, maple syrup, unsalted butter, icing: buttermilk, powdered sugar, organic pumpkin puree & spice

I use natural ingredients: cage free eggs, pure vanilla, raw sugars or organic agave nectar - 
Pumpkin-Dark CC w/ Agave Nectar - $18/dz
Chocolate Chip (Nuts added for additional cost) - $18/dz
Almond Biscotti topped w/ raw sugar crystals: $20/dz
Sugar Cookies -$28/dz  (typically a 3-3 1/2" cookie)
Special Order Sugar Cookies w/ edible toppers: $38/dz (I can have logos or pictures put on cookies - super cool!) 
*$5/dz to have each cookie placed in cellophane, additional $3/dz to add sealing or ties
Pictures of cookies in the "Gallery". Check out my Instagram page for new pics of cookies!
Cinnamon Rolls: $15 / 9" pan, 6 rolls per pan 

Freshly milled whole wheat flour, high gluten flour, powdered milk, potato flour, sea salt, safflower oil, agave nectar, yeast, dough enhancer, cf eggs New Frosting/Glaze: powdered sugar, milk, pure vanilla or pure orange oil

Organic Almond Butter or Organic Peanut Butter / Choco Bites - $12 for 6 pcs 
(please note that my bites will be $12/6 pieces starting 9/28/19)
Organic  butters, unsweetened shredded coconut, fancy black figs, organic natural raw vegan protein, flaxseed meal, organic agave nectar, unsweetened cocoa powder, semisweet cc. These are packed with natural protein.

New Bite: PBO - gluten free oats, toasted shredded coconut, organic peanut butter, organic agave, chia seeds, pure vanilla, semi sweet cc. 

I can substitute agave nectar with  stevia, honey or molasses easily - just let me know!

Dessert Sampler Platter - $45
This is a variety item! I usually offer these around seasonal times of the year. These are great for a party, clients or a school function.  I include about four to five types of items adding up to 20 pieces on it and they are placed on a nice platter with ribbon!

Cupcakes: Vanilla or Chocolate   -   $28/dozen   $34/two layer cake
Vanilla: eggs, whole milk, vanilla, fresh milled soft whole wheat flour, organic cane sugar
Chocolate: freshly milled soft whole wheat flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda, agave nectar, eggs, milk, safflower oil, vanilla, water.
Vanilla Buttercream frosting:  butter, milk, vanilla, powdered sugar

Seasonal Breads: Organic Pumpkin Bread - $10 / Organic Meyer Lemon Tea Bread - $12 

All items are baked fresh by Jamie and prepared in a clean, licensed, private & registered kitchen!